Saturday, June 30, 2007


The new Stampin Up! 2007-2008 Idea Book and Catalog has arrived! It is the first of two catalogs now being published, the next will be available in January. The book is beautiful! 208 pages of new merchandise! My personal favorite items reside between pages 170 and 183, darling two-sided papers, simply scrappin kits, new punches, and lots of chipboard! The catalog has a retail price of $9.95 but as always I'm willing to make a deal! Call me today so I can get a copy to you soon! I would love to demonstrate some of the new products to you and your friends if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your home. All this excitement is making me STAMPHAPPY !!!

Awesome Scrapbook Event

A friend of mine along with a group of her friends has started a online scrapbook website offering monthly kits. The first kit is now available and full of beautiful supplies! Check out thier website and read about thier vision to create beautiful projects and support worthy causes. Layout created with kits products!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Three little words for you...

I had gum surgery for second stage gum disaese on friday, no fun at all! Though my periodondist was funny nothing could make the experience better. I have been in bed since friday sweating and nauseaus from the Vicodin they gave me. I couldn't eat anything and i'm here to tell you that a frosty from wendy's or a strawberry surfrider from jamba juice does not constitute "take with food" . So I have layed off the heavy duty drugs and seem to be surviving okay on extra strength tylenol. I managed to keep my hair appointment today...(what good are healthy gums if you're grey is showing through!) I have to go back on Friday to have the stitches removed which I'm sure will be no more fun than the first visit, so remember...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Soldier goes overseas......

My nephew Pvt. Manuel A. DaBranca III is in the United States Army and is being deployed to Korea. He is set to report there on June 28th (his 19th Birthday) and will be there for approximately one year. Our family is very proud of him and his dedication to serving our country. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he is away from home. Travel can be exciting and I hope that he has a wonderful experience overseas.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Okay so have another hobby

Some people might say I am obsessed.....with purses...well I'm not actually obesessed, some people have a fetish for certain things like shoes, clothes, purses, etc. I don't really think that's my thing. I would say that I am on a quest, a quest for the perfect purse, or as I like to call them a "bag". About a year ago I thought I was ready to invest in a really nice really expensive bag, so the quest began. I drove all those around me nuts with chatter about the perfect bag, one I saw, one I tried on, on I googled, etc. Only to never actually purchase the bag, it was never quite right.... For Christmas My boys bought me two bags hoping to satisfy me, well...for awhile maybe. The a trip to New York City popped up and Wow! I needed a few bags for the trip, three new ones to be exact. Well one fabulous trip to NYC and I am the proud new owner of 6 new bags!!! I am so thrilled and satisfied for the time being, busy changing bags to match every outfit even if it is onlu my standard outfit, capris and a t-shirt. "Bags" about the only thing I enjoy spending money on aside from scrappin & stampin stuff!

Well here it goes....

As the title of my Blog says, "Do I really have time for this", I would like to create a place for my little group of crafty friends to visit to find motivation to get more scrapping done! I hope to post pics of my completed projects, as well as challenges to get everyone else motivated to complete layouts of thier own. Let's see how it goes Lisa