Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm heading out of town !!

I am packing up and heading out of the Green Tangerine! Okay so I'm not leaving until Friday and it's only Monday, but I am so EXCITTED!! I am going away for the weekend with my good friend Karen. We are going to the new scrapbook store in Rocklin, CA we are registered to scrap from 9 a.m. till midnight on Friday and Saturday!!! I have great expectations and hope that my next entry will be to brag about how many pages I completed! I will update my slide show with new pages when I return. So while I'm away I challenge all of you to do something "scrappy", a few pages, organize supplies, make a few cards using your scrapbook scraps, etc.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Keep your Scrapping Chin Up!

We all know how much we love our scrapbooking hobby, but like most worthwhile things in life it also brings us alittle guilt! We should scrap more, take more pictures, take better pictures, journal more, scrap more and shop less......Well take a look back on your scrapbook hobby career, and be proud of what you have accomplished! My first scrapbook page was of my oldest Son Joseph's 1st Grade year. When I look back at that page I giggle at my basic techniques, yet I remember how impressed I was with myself and my "creative accomplishment". The last layout I completed was of my oldest Son Joseph's 7th Grade report card! 180 pages later I have scrapbooked his school and sports activities over the years with great pride in him and myself. Joseph starts High School in Sept. and it is my summer goal to be "caught up" before his first High School memory is taken and developed.

What is your summer scrapbooking goal? Set one for yourself, remember there is no due date in scrapbooking, just fun to be had, friends to share layouts with, and memories to be preserved!

I would love to hear your scrapbooking story and see your first and last layout. Email me at