Monday, August 27, 2007

My Boys....

I have always referred to my children as "the boys" and often I include Joe in that group :*).

I am thrilled to be the only girl in the house so the label "the boys" just fits.

Today I realized that "the boys" are now one big boy and one young man!!

I sent them off to school today almost completely relaxed, with almost no anxiety, and a sense of pride in knowing that Joe and I have raised boys that teachers will be thrilled to have as students.

I dropped Joseph off at school, his first day of High School, he was excited and really looking forward to his new adventure. When the car door shut and I drove off, I glanced back to have a Mommy moment and watch my little boy walk away....the car behind me (obviously driven by the parent of a sophomore!) HONKED so i snapped out of it and drove off :*).

I walked Anthony to the "big kid"playground he was happy to have me there with him that was until he saw all his friends then he happily started chatting it up with them.

This afternoon I picked them both up and was greeted with smiling faces, they both had great days and are looking forward to a great school year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Beach Bums

We arrived at Avila Beach on Monday and had a really nice relaxing time. I read two books worked on my tan, and watched my boys run around and play football and soccer in the sand. We decided to extend our stay an additional two nights in San Luis Obispo. Mostly so we could relax from our relaxing stay in Avila. Joe is such a good Dad he runs around with the boys and hardly relaxes at all. Joe set up the camera timer and got this great shot of us at the beach. This is our 8th annual trip to the beach. the first summer we went Anthony learned to walk, and Joseph was started Kindergarten...This summer Anthony walks onto the "Big Kid Playground" as a 4th grader and Joseph starts High School !! where has the time gone!
I did manage to complete 12 pages while on vacation. Check out my new slide show. The pics in the layouts were taken by my friend Rebecca Olivera, she is awesome and available for hire!! Enjoy :*)

An Exciting Tournament

Joseph's Soccer Team SACYSL ARSENAL played a preseason tournament in Concord last weekend. It was only this teams second tournament and we came in 3rd place a really nice place to be seeing as we didn't place in the last tournament. This was a hard fought and deserving win. The last game came down to the wire... The game ended in a tie 0-0 and went to over-time, that also ended 0-0 so it went to penalty kicks. Joseph kicked 2nd in the line up and made it! I was so nervous I thought i would pass out if I wasn't so busy praying for him to make it i might have just passed out right there!! Finally after each team taking 7 shots each and making them all our goalie blocked their 8th goal and one of our players made his goal!! we finally after 120 minutes of intense soccer we WON!!!! Anthony and I were so happy for Joseph and Coach Joe. Anthony jumped the fence and ran over to congratulate them he was as happy as the players were. It made a very long and hot and expensive weekend worth it! I love soccer. I have really become quite a big soccer fan, but I especially enjoy watching my boys on the field and the sidelines :*)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


The Soul II Sould Concert was FABULOUS!!!! We had the best time. I enjoyed every single minute of the show. I sang every word to every song Tim performed and NEVER took my eyes off of him! Oh and his wife, Faith.... she was cute too!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back from my weekend getaway, and here to brag that I completed 41 pages!!!!!! I am so pleased! but I have to say that my friend Karen is the winner, with 45 completed pages!! a big round of applause for her :*). We had an incredibly fun time, the store in Rocklin, CA Green Tangerines is AWESOME 10,000 sq. ft. of scrapbook paradise! I hope to have time to post pics of some of my layouts soon. Tommorrow night I'm going to the Tim MGraw/Faith Hill Concert, this weekend we have a soccer tournament in Concord and Monday we leave for Pismo Beach for 4 relaxing days! So lots to look forward to and hopefully a few moments to scrap alittle more! Did I mention that I am redecorating my house in between the madness......
Someone help me from myself!!