Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six Long Years

On Monday Joseph had his braces removed!!!!!! After two phases that lasted six long years, I no longer have to remind him to put on his rubber bands or pick up those nasty little things from the bathroom floor! That evening I caught him looking at himself in the mirror, and I said " not bad for a chubby little kid with braces and glasses huh?? He turned and flashed me a big smile, hugged me and said....Thanks Mom. Okay so maybe all the nagging to brush, swish, rubberbands, rushing to the afterschool appts., endless payments were all worth it! Check out my young man with the flashy new smile.....

Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is our youngest son Anthony Mariano Dones' 11th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, nicest, most loving 11 year old I know.

Anthony is my social bug, so we have a pizza party for this classmates today, a Pump It Up! party for 33 of his closest friends tonight, a family dinner tommorrow night, and church, lunch and a movie with just the four of us on Sunday!! He doesn't leave anyone out of his celebrating!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I have a case of the "Almost Fall" yucky cold symptoms. I am trying to lay low so I'll be better quick! Anthony's team won 7-2 awesome game and he played like a pro!! So happy that I rolled out of bed for that one! Joseph plays tommorrow and hopefully it will be the same outcome! Off to bed for me and my yucky stuffy head!