Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm heading out of town !!

I am packing up and heading out of the Green Tangerine! Okay so I'm not leaving until Friday and it's only Monday, but I am so EXCITTED!! I am going away for the weekend with my good friend Karen. We are going to the new scrapbook store in Rocklin, CA we are registered to scrap from 9 a.m. till midnight on Friday and Saturday!!! I have great expectations and hope that my next entry will be to brag about how many pages I completed! I will update my slide show with new pages when I return. So while I'm away I challenge all of you to do something "scrappy", a few pages, organize supplies, make a few cards using your scrapbook scraps, etc.


Rebecca said...

How fun! I wanna go, but I can't :( I've got so much to get ready for, going back to work, getting LW off to Tennessee, a couple of photo shoots.

Shucks! Have fun for me and get bunches of pages done :)

Mommy Mouse said...
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Mommy Mouse said...

I hope you gals have a wonderful time. I will hoping that you will get lot's of pages done but between the two of you on the ball gals I'm sure that you will run out of pictures since you are both fast scrappers. Scrap on at the GT :)