Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer, Boys, Food and my Bug

Okay so I really enjoy summer vacation. I get to be home with my boys on Mon., Wed., and Fri. we have just been relaxing, being lazy, and spending time at home ( a rare thing in our busy family). But the truth of the matter is I need to go back to work!! I love being with the boys but they eat too much!! and I have no will power! I have gained 10 pounds this summer, and I am spending too much time on the net buying scrap stuff! I have bought the Cricut Design Studio, 4 Cricut Cartridges, cuttlebug folders, and enough misc. supplies to take me through to next summer!!! My only break in the madness is on Wed. when darling Isabella comes to spend the day with us. She keeps me very busy (though truth be told the boys do most of the work :o). Here is a pic of our little cutie calling Prince Charming on her cell phone. Have a great week everyone......


Mommy Mouse said...

Too cute! Are you sure she wasn't calling her Queen Mommy Mouse :*)

Anonymous said...


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