Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is our youngest son Anthony Mariano Dones' 11th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, nicest, most loving 11 year old I know.

Anthony is my social bug, so we have a pizza party for this classmates today, a Pump It Up! party for 33 of his closest friends tonight, a family dinner tommorrow night, and church, lunch and a movie with just the four of us on Sunday!! He doesn't leave anyone out of his celebrating!!!


Eve said...

Oh Mama! He is adorable!
Sounds like a spendy weekend!
It will be a blast I am sure!

Eve said...

I will be at the GT on Nov. 1st & 22nd. I know for SURE that I can not book another night!
However I may be able to "sneak" over for a bit and visit!

Mommy Mouse said...

Anthony is all of those things indeed! We had a blast celebrating with you guys :)

Karen said...

Another Handsome Guy, Hard to believe he is 11!