Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Sport Same Great Player!!

Anthony has moved on to his CYO Basketball Season. This is his 4th season with St. John's and Wow! he is playing really well, or as they say, "he's a balla". He was named Offensive Player of the week having scored 10 of the teams 25 points. He is playing forward and point guard. He plays with an insane level of intensity, so i am a nervous wreck!! Such a different game than soccer! Our goal as a family is to support Anthony without being ejected from a game! So far so good....Joe can be alittle vocal and Joseph alittle protective.


Karen said...

Great Job Anthony! I need to go to a game.

Anthony said...

yeah thats just how i am, im a balla all the time. Thank you mom!
(U know im always a balla though so)

Joseph JR? said...

dude my lil bro is a BALLER