Monday, November 24, 2008


Our crazy life in this crazy world during these crazy times, we are THANKFUL!! For so many things. I am so encouraged by the upcoming change in our government, hopeful that the economy will be restored and people can relax alittle. Here is a randon list of the things we sometimes take for granted but are so thankful for:
1. Our Family and Friends
2. Pepsi
3. Lollipop Lane Preschool
4. Shear Illusions
5. Public Schools
6. 17481 Meekland Ave.
7. Our camera (even Joe thinks it stinks)
8. The ability to commicate through the Internet!!


Dorene said...

Always glad to get a peek into your busy, creative lives. You have done a wonderful job with your sons and it shows. May you all have a blessed holiday season.

Eve said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa!
YEAH she is BACK!!!!

R8ERJOE said...

Very nice. Your list of things to be thankful for is good, but my list is short and sweet because the one piece that has been the binding of my entire life for the past 20 years is none other than Lisa Marie herself. Love you....


Karen said...

GREAT JOB WITH NEW POST! You are right it is time to be Thankful and I am thankful for you in my life.

Anthony said...

Cool Mom!!!!! Ur back nobody has beat u to it this time!! Love u
(P.S. So glad to have u in my life!)

Joseph JR? said...

damn...i should've been at least number 2....