Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well I finally gave in..... Yesterday after a very long 12 hour day at work, I came home hungry, tired, and cranky!! I ate, hugged my boys, wandered around thinking I should do a load of laundry but instead picked up Twilight and started reading!! A little back story..... I first heard of the series from my GT Friend Eve, she raved about the books and soon it became the national phenomenon we all now know about. I was not at all interested in reading , even after every third person I talked to said I should! During our last trip to the GT with endless chatter of the books going on everywhere, my friend Karen said, "okay the curiosity has gotten to me I think I need to read these books". My niece Nicole (sweetest girl you'll ever meet) has read them all and loved them. She let me borrow them and Karen took Twilight on vacation with her. She returned the book yesterday and said "there is something very likable about the vampires", you've got to read it. And so as before mentioned I was exhausted from my day and I managed to only read the first TEN CHAPTERS before falling off to sleep! This morning I have read one more chapter, but really need to do that load of laundry!! So to Eve and all the other GT book reviewers.....You were right! It only took 9 chapters for me to fall for Edward :0).

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Eve said...

Okay- I just about FELL off my chair when I read this!
So glad to see that BOTh you and Karen are comming to the dark side!