Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

Okay so I have been tagged by Eve a Superfunscrapper I met at the Green Tangerine
7 People! Wow! I don't have that many blog friends...yet! Here are a few:
Monique Super Cricut Teacher @ GT
Rebecca Awesome friend, photographer, and scrapper
Diana owner of the cool Scrap for a Cure site

Here are my seven random things:
1. I love being the only girl in my house!
2. I do not, have never, will never, eat condiments!!
3. I was the Head Cheerleader in High School
4. I eat a salad from Wendy's at least 3 times a week!
5. I Love a good sad country song.
6. I fall in love with my wedding ring each and every time I look at it.
7. I Could not live without my gals The Lollipop Croppers :O)

Leave me a comment especially if you are new to my blog, then I'll have more bloggin friends!


Tami said...

thanks for checkin' out my blog and leaving me a comment! I love that you have a countdown ticker and it has my favorite place on it...Green Tangerines!!!! You will have to say hi to me and we can met in person!!!

Raimi said...

Hey Lisa!

It was so fun to see your post on my blog this morning! Thanks for leaving a comment! How are you? It will be fun to stay in touch!
Have a Happy Friday!

Monique Griffith said...

Not even ketchup??? You're weirder than me, LOL! Thanks for tagging my blog - I'll have to get creative soon and do something about that.
See ya soon, Lisa!

Diana said...

Oh, you got me...
Hope all is well- your prismo slide looks great- If your around Fremont on Sept 6th we are going a meet and greet event at Picture Me Perfect~ stop by :)

Diana said...

oh I meant PISMO :)

brandigirl said...

we love the lollie poppers too...

Karen said...

I wish I had a blog! Your guys are so handsome. I think of them as my guys tooooooooo! Makes me sad that they are getting so grown. I am not sure that I am ready for Joseph to drive us around (not that he will want too). Lollipop Croppers are the best.