Monday, August 25, 2008

New School Year Ramblings

Today was the First Day of School. The boys happily posed for a pic before we left, right on time!! I even cooked breakfast! Joseph is a Sophmore in High School, so he glided right in all relaxed and looking forward to his first year in the Health & Medicine Academy and another year on the soccer team, hopefully Varsity this year, I on the other hand had a small twinge of sadness as I thought this might be the last 1st day of school I drive him to as he will have his drivers license by his Junior Year :o(, Anthony is a Fifth Grader. The Big Man on campus, as our elementary school only goes up to the 5th grade. So he glided right in all excited to enjoy the popularity he has earned by being everyones friend since kindergarten!, I on the other hand had a huge twinge, alright a huge twist of the gut as I realized this was the last time I will walk him to his first day of school :o(, next year he will be in middle school and I'll just drop him in the parking lot, and be happy if he remembers to say goodbye, of course I may not notice if he doesn't because i'll still be crying from watching Joseph drive off on his own. Okay, this day must have actually gone too smoothly because I am already getting myself all worked up over next year!!! A true multi-tasker, adds worry to her list of things to do even when it isn't necessary!


Raimi said...

Your boys are so handsome! Isn't eh 1st day of school great?! It looks like I will be seeing you on the 30th @ GT. I am signed up for Scrappy Hour-WAHOOOOO!

See you then!

Eve said...

First of all your oldest boy looks just like your hubby. And the youngest looks like you and your sis.
They are adorable- and I think with a mama like you they will always be proud to have you walk beside them no matter what age they are!

Dorene said...

You have 2 very handsome young men.
You and Joe have great genes!!!

Your entire family has set a wonderful example for your men to follow. Keep up the good work.

Sue Bailey said...

You boys are beautiful and i must say that this picture makes me feel old! You and Joe have done a wonderful job raising these boys and you are a very special person.  Thanks for sharing these with me.

Stacy said...

Hi Lisa,
Stacy here and I love the blog.
I'm so glad to have you bookmarked so I can check in on you.
The boys are so big now.
Miss you.
My new blog address is
come and visit it sometime.
xoxoxox Stacy Rowe

Raimi said...

It was so great to see you @ GT Saturday night! How did Sunday go? How many LO's did you finish in the two days? Tell your hubby HI for me & that I AM YOUR FRIEND-not a pretend one! We totally forgot to take pictures-LOL!

Do you have a date for your next GT visit?

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it just yesterday when you were sending Anthony off to begin third grade?! My, how time flies! Stop by and see how itty bitty my room became.
Ms. Abby :)

Eve said...

Hi Lisa (and Karen)- she really needs a blog BTW! Hope you both had a great time at GT! And that you got a lot done! I only got 4 layouts done! uuuggghh.... I never get done what I would like to do! Or as much as I think I will. Anyways thanks for the order and the cute card! Very sweet.
Good to see you both- tell Gina hi!

Barb said...

Your boys DO look excited for school... what a great thing! I always remember my nieces & nephews NOT being excited to go!!