Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beach Bums

We arrived at Avila Beach on Monday and had a really nice relaxing time. I read two books worked on my tan, and watched my boys run around and play football and soccer in the sand. We decided to extend our stay an additional two nights in San Luis Obispo. Mostly so we could relax from our relaxing stay in Avila. Joe is such a good Dad he runs around with the boys and hardly relaxes at all. Joe set up the camera timer and got this great shot of us at the beach. This is our 8th annual trip to the beach. the first summer we went Anthony learned to walk, and Joseph was started Kindergarten...This summer Anthony walks onto the "Big Kid Playground" as a 4th grader and Joseph starts High School !! where has the time gone!
I did manage to complete 12 pages while on vacation. Check out my new slide show. The pics in the layouts were taken by my friend Rebecca Olivera, she is awesome and available for hire!! Enjoy :*)


Rebecca said...

Oh to get away! How fun and good for you guys that you took a few extra days :)

Mommy Mouse said...

I'm so glad you all had an awesome time sounds wonderful the Weaver family may want to crash the party next year!