Sunday, August 19, 2007

An Exciting Tournament

Joseph's Soccer Team SACYSL ARSENAL played a preseason tournament in Concord last weekend. It was only this teams second tournament and we came in 3rd place a really nice place to be seeing as we didn't place in the last tournament. This was a hard fought and deserving win. The last game came down to the wire... The game ended in a tie 0-0 and went to over-time, that also ended 0-0 so it went to penalty kicks. Joseph kicked 2nd in the line up and made it! I was so nervous I thought i would pass out if I wasn't so busy praying for him to make it i might have just passed out right there!! Finally after each team taking 7 shots each and making them all our goalie blocked their 8th goal and one of our players made his goal!! we finally after 120 minutes of intense soccer we WON!!!! Anthony and I were so happy for Joseph and Coach Joe. Anthony jumped the fence and ran over to congratulate them he was as happy as the players were. It made a very long and hot and expensive weekend worth it! I love soccer. I have really become quite a big soccer fan, but I especially enjoy watching my boys on the field and the sidelines :*)

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Karen said...

Congradulations to all!!!!!!!!!!!
The excitement brought tears to my eyes. Karen