Friday, September 26, 2008

A few soccer shots

I am an avaerage photographer, and a downright lousy soccer picture taking photographer!!! So I love when we go to a tournament and the Hot Shot People are there! They love me also, because I buy all the pics of my boys!!! Here are a few shots from this season, mine and the Hot Shots. The season for both of our teams is going well and we are having a BLAST!!


Eve said...

I love the view finder!
Too cute-
where do you find these things!
You should have your goodies and Karen's soon!
I added some Disney ribbon- that I thought you could make your sissy jealous with!

Karen said...

I love your slide show. I can't wait to see the boys play. I am going to try to go Sat. at 11:00.

Monique Griffith said...

Great pics of your boys! I love the slideshow. Hope you're doing great!